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PMSM(Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor)   Power system solutions for Whole Electric Vehicle   Total Solutions to the Operation of Electric Vehicle Chargers  
We adopt embedded permanent magnet and design of advanced excitation capacity of magnetic rotor, supported by advanced technology of power motor windings and armature manufacture. Equivalent skewed slots, cooling loops of spiral pipeline, advanced insulation system, and fully enclosed protection are used in the design of rotors,together with precision tooling and assembly equipment, dynamic balance, and built-in components of thermal heat/high power failure protection.   Our cutting-edge technologies allow us to respond instantly to the structure, hardware and software based on individual customer needs. This has made it possible for us to make modifications and adjustments in time without affecting the performance. The vector control method based on high order harmonic is adopted to compensate for higher harmonic wave control. The classification control method is adopted to provide more optimised integral control strategy.   The scheme is based on DE intelligent charging pile, which connects all charging terminal access to the network, makes all data stored in the cloud storage and enables operators to manage the unified user identity, terminal operators unattended operation, remote central management background, etc. The scheme provides users with portable charging mode as well as convenient payment method. As a consequence, the function of commercial operation of charging service is achieved.  
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